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Wellness & Weight Loss

Most programs are difficult to understand and even harder to implement. My wellness and weight loss programs address the biggest challenges to achieving the desired goals.

Julie's Approach

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The Mind Body Connection

A significant part of wellness or weight loss is the emotional aspect. My programs address your relationship to food, your body and/or your circumstances.

Your Unique Dietary Needs 

I focus on solutions that accommodate your special dietary needs, biochemistry, plus your cultural food laws and taste preferences.

Fast, Easy and Fun

If you can't implement it, you won't do it. My programs take your lifestyle and cooking ability into consideration to make the solutions implementable for you. 

Ended Re-occurring Bacterial Infections

Julie has a vast amount of knowledge that she acquired through deep research.  I started seeing Julie seeking guidance in finding natural remedies to prevent reoccurring bacterial infections. I felt comfortable sharing my very personal issues with her from the start. I now have a new cabinet full of herbal remedies for these issues that build my immune system instead of chemicals and antibiotics that break it down. Most of all, I now have confidence in maintaining my health and a positive perspective on my self-image which is invaluable.

~ Kelly R.

No More Leg Twitches

I had been suffering from severe leg twitches and migraines without realizing that the vitamins might have been the cause. Julie reviewed my regime and adjusted the forms and quantities of supplements I was taking and the symptoms subsided.

~ Patty, client

Herbal Medicine

Wellness and Weight Loss Programs

Personal Nutrition and Wellness Plan for Life Long Health

The best gift you will ever give yourself. This is a customized personal nutrition and total wellness plan that cut through the clutter of “the latest diet plan” and is formulated based your unique goals whether it be to lose weight, reduce blood pressure or blood sugar, change habits or acquire solutions for your lifestyle meal challenges. This program is personalized to your values around eating animal products and designed around your cultural and comfort foods.

Program Includes:

  • Self-reflection of desired changes in current eating habits, food cravings, energy level, nutrient intake and lifestyle challenges.

  • Discussion about supplements and health regimes.

  • Specific recommended foods for your lifestyle, food preferences and cooking abilities.

  • Sugar Busters. Help to reduce or eliminate sugar craving and balance blood sugar levels.

  • Stress Busters.

  • Detox program.

  • Shopping lists.

  • Meal planners.

  • Twenty “Life Saver” recipes that are fast and easy to help you stay on track.

  • Hydration Guidance. Recommendations on the best clean water set-up for your home, work and on-the-go situations.

  • Exercise plan.

  • Two Mind Body Healing Sessions – either in office in Apex, North Carolina or by phone.

  • Four Implementation Coaching Sessions, 15 minutes each – by phone.

Program Fee: $1,495

Wellness Coaching

For those who already know what they need to do but just need some advice implementation guidance, this program is for you.

  • Advice, solutions and guidance

  • Accountability

  • Mental reframing

Program Fee - Three-Month Plan: $550


Program Fee - Four 20-minute sessions per month by phone: $200/month

Wellness Plan Review

Along your health journey a new situation may arise or a reason to shift gears. If you have already purchased a plan and need to adjust your course, or you are ready for a check in, this plan is for you. This plan offers an assessment and update on your course of action and the ability to update to a new set of goals.

  • Progress comparison

  • Strategies for new goals

  • Written recommendations for improvement

Program Fee: $200

Supplement Review Plan

This plan is based on your specific health goals.

  • Questions answered about your current supplements and specific ingredients on the labels.

  • Education about alternative choices in supplements for your lifestyle, needs and vitality goals.

  • Education on how to understand and choose supplements.​

Program Fee: $190

Private Healthy Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Learn how to work best in your kitchen with your cookware. Ingredients included. Schedule a 15 minute consult below to discuss your goals with me and receive a quote.

Customized "Healing Guided Meditation"

Healing can happen with ease while you lay back, relax, and listen. The challenge with generic recorded audios is they fail to address your specific issues, supportive environmental setting, or specific words with a special meaning to you. 
My program is a completely customized, guided meditation that addresses your specific concerns and needs spoken in the spiritual language of your own belief system or religion. It includes mental imagery and settings of your choice designed to allow you to relax into blissful healing states. The recording is yours forever to play over and over at your convenience.


Program Includes:

  • Intake session to capture all of your needs and goals

  • 20-minute Guided Healing Meditation audio recording set to music with healing tones

  • Provided to you by download within 5 days of intake 

Program Fee: $499

One-at-a-Time Sessions

Not Ready to Commit to a program, try an individual one-on-one session.

The first half of your first session is intake, the second half is Mind Body healing.  Go at your own pace. Get a boost. Relax and enjoy!



  • 1 50-minute Mind-Body Session

  • Focus on the topic that is most pressing to you

​Session Fee: $190

Green Goodness

“Your cooking class has really improved my mental and physical health!


The day after the nutrient dense meal, I woke up an hour earlier than normal and felt well rested with a great attitude.


I still continue the better eating habits and enjoy many benefits. Julie, you are a blessing!” 


~ Douglas, client

Client Results

No actors or scriptwriters were used to gather any client testimonials.

Improved Memory, Energy Level and Better Sleep
Since my session with Julie, I feel more at ease in many regards, sleep better, and feel better. In the past, it would often take me a very long time to relax and fall asleep. I would wake up 3 to 4 times a night, then my mind would dwell on concerns. Since my session, my anxiety has reduced. I am now able to shut things off sooner so I can fall asleep and get a good night’s rest. My memory has improved and I feel more energetic. 

Mike L.
Orange County, CA

Improved Cardio-Vascular Health and Energy Levels

Julie is fountain of knowledge. Her research is thorough. She cuts through misconceptions to provide evidence-based information that I can trust. Her approach is caring, supportive and helpful. She provided me with a highly detailed and personalized wellness plan which was easy to implement and fit my lifestyle.  Her guidance has helped me shed weight, increase energy, improve bloodwork results and avoid taking medications with undesirable side effects.

Steve W. 
Irvine, CA

Gained Clarity on Life Purpose

My experience with Julie Stone was amazing. Julie’s insight into the deeper layers of my issues combined with her soothing and self-assured healing was literally what I kept calling a “bath” of spiritual love and guidance. I felt light, awakened and clear about who I am and why I’m here. I gained confidence to step forward with my life purpose.

Sonia L.
Placentia, CA

Yellow Flower

Is this path right for You?

Your healing journey is as unique as your thumbprint. Schedule your free 15-min phone consultation to get your questions answered about your specific situation, concerns and needs. and discover if this path is a fit for you. 
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