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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does Mind Body Healing Work?
    In a single word, it is all about realignment. Many factors of our modern lifestyle can throw us off balance. These include over consumption of food additives, environmental toxins, pathogens, stress, self-criticism, fear, anxiety, trauma, accidents, surgery and more. When those experiences are left unresolved or happen over and over again they can anchor into the body and eventually lead to ill health. Emotional patterns can even pass from one generation to another leading to propensities to particular ailments. The good news is change is feasible by uncovering the blocks and allowing the healing energy to flow. The process includes helping you gain new awareness and insights with your inherited DNA, environmental influences and survival mechanism that contributed to the programing that created the condition or “root cause”.
  • What Happens in a Mind Body Healing Session?
    Mind Body Healing Sessions are peaceful, comfortable and interactive. During the first session, I get to know you. I ask some questions that help me understand who you are and what you would like to achieve in your life and with your health so that I know which direction to go and what specific tools to employ. With every session, I support your highest joy and fortify your mind and body for your highest health results.
  • Will you have control over me?
    NO! You are in control the entire time. The sessions are interactive. You will be empowered to participate in your own healing. This gives you an opportunity to understand yourself on a deeper level and align with your own spiritual understanding, whether that be god or your higher-self to guide your life in the direction of your intentions and your highest good. We discuss major events and turning points in your life and uncover root incidences. I know some will have concerns about getting in touch with certain emotions and experiences, and that’s okay. We walk through these moments in time in a safe environment without diving deep into the pain or suffering of the event itself. I meet you wherever you are and maintain a non-judgmental environment to guide you at all times. I have a variety of techniques I draw from to accommodate your individual needs. During the clearing portion of a session, most people can actually feel the good energy moving through their body. Typical sensations are heat, tingling or a sensation described as waves of peace. Results can be attained whether you feel anything or not, The experience is as unique as you are. You may experience some form of emotional release during a session. This may be anything from tears to laughter. You are fully clothed throughout the process.
  • Do I have to come to your office for sessions?
    No, most types of sessions can be done remote, by phone. Since energy knows no boundaries, the same level of results can be attained with either option. Sessions are offered in person in my office, or remote by phone. The only sessions required to be in person are the wellness devices on site.
  • How Many Sessions will I Need?
    Each person is as individual as your thumb print. Much depends on the quantity and nature of your challenges and the level of change that you wish to achieve. I typically recommend six sessions for a chronic condition to give time to explore the complexity of the root and see how you respond to the tools. Another rule of thumb I use is to focus on one mental/emotional issue per session. If it's a major trauma then possibly one layer of the trauma per session. Sometimes a couple of issues are tied together and get addressed naturally as a group. We humans are delightful and complex beings… I recommend allowing the process to unfold without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to fix a life time of issues in one session. You may want a one-time clearing and rebalancing session, or you may feel that you need regular on-going sessions for a while as part of your healing and spiritual growth journey. I always provide tools that increase your personal power and help you grow in your independence rather than develop a belief that you need someone to fix you. You may book and pay one at a time to see how it goes, or take advantage of my programs that include a group of sessions for a reduced price.
  • Do you treat "name of condition"?
    I don't work in the diagnosis/treatment model. I see vitality as a holistic endeavor... a journey to discover what is out of alignment. I have seen physical issues clear away quickly when emotional and/or spiritual issues become resolved. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself when properly supported. I help you explore and resolve the root issues whether it be physical in nature such as diet, lifestyle, injury or mental/emotional or spiritual.
  • What Results Can I Expect from a Mind Body Healing Session?
    Some people feel immediate improvement, while for others the integration of the insights and changes may take several days or weeks. In the days following, often times people have aha moments or new insights and revelations about the purpose of past events and people in their lives. Opportunities may emerge to clear more unwanted beliefs and emotions. I encourage an open mind to how and when the healing and positive changes take place. There are many factors affecting the potential results, therefore, specific results cannot be determined ahead of time nor guaranteed. Every session is uniquely personal and different. Sacred space is created for each and every session. My intention is to support your highest joy and to strengthen your natural connection with the Divine. Your feelings, choices and Free Will are honored at all times.
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