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About Julie

Julie Stone

Intuitive Healing,

Holistic Health Practitioner

"I believe that we are all innately designed to thrive. Symptoms are signs that something is out of integrity with your truth. The path back to comfort, inner peace and vitality is as unique as your thumbprint. I call this:   "Your Sacred Healing Journey."

Julie's Story

Growing up, Julie often had supernatural experiences. At 15 a guardian angel gave her a message that she has a mission to help the masses. For years, Julie sought an understanding of this message. Her next big message was even more profound and spiritually transformative. She was shown the power of divine healing and received word that her mission is to facilitate individual and mass healings. 

Already a Holistic Health Practitioner, she then understood that non-physical influences were a vital component to healing. Julie immersed herself in education, training, and research regarding the mental/emotional and spiritual influences on the body. But her most important lessons did not come from books or research; it came from experience and her commitment to others.

Along her journey, Julie received divine messages that gave her the insights to develop the Mind Body processes that help people overcome physical, mental/emotional and spiritual issues. And, most importantly she learned to tune-in to the ever-present divine energy available to help restore vitality. As Julie used these new learnings, spontaneous healings became common.

Water Ripples
“Julie facilitated a healing from skin cancer that was on my nose. I was relieved that I didn't elect to have part of my nose cut off. I felt there was a way other than surgery, and I was right. I'm glad I found Julie.”
- Audra Blackner

Julie's Approach

  1. Uncover the root cause, incident, trauma or imbalance (mental/emotional, physical)

  2. Discover the reason or purpose of the condition

  3. Implement processes that resolve issues and imbalances to support your body to heal itself.

Julie incorporates education on nutrition, herbs, life-style options, Mind Body processes and the power of The Divine in a safe and easy fashion.

A Plethora of Tools to Help You


Julie’s years of research, plus her intuitive abilities often result in profound physical, emotional and/or spiritual healing experiences. Julie incorporates mind body processes, nutrition, herbs, exercise, life-style options, and the power of the divine.


"My mission is to guide you back to the vibrant state you were born to enjoy".


Laying of Hands
Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner 
Certified Nutrition Consultant
Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner for Health
Corporate Wellness Certified
Herbalist and Essential Oil Formulation 
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Ordained Minister  Spiritual Councilor
Yellow Flower

Is this path right for You?

Your healing journey is as unique as your thumbprint. Schedule your free 15-min phone consultation to get your questions answered about your specific situation, concerns and needs. and discover if this path is a fit for you. 
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