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Resting Patient
“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.”
~ Gregg Braden

VIP Health Recovery Support

Completely Customized to Fit Your Unique Needs

VIP Health Recovery Support Program is for those who are debilitated in some way. They may be harmed by medical malpractice injury or some harrowing circumstances in which they’ve survived but are severely injured. They have come to their limits with western medicine or have come to realize that they need more than allopathic medical treatments. 


Data published in April 2024 from United Press International indicates that medical mistakes kill or permanently disable 795,000 Americans annually, equaling to more than 2,000 per day. For those who have survived a medical error, the psyche may prevent trusting the same institutions that caused the harm to fully heal the injury. My program offers a different type of support.

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“Beliefs and thoughts  alter cells in your body.”
Dr. Bruce Lipton

Julie's Approach

For People with Serious Injury or Debilitation

This Program is geared for people who are seeking a high level of personal one-on-one assistance to overcome a debilitating health condition and are willing to invest in an out-of-box approach with personal attention. It is tailored to your individual needs and offers a holistic process that transforms every area of your life into a supportive tool for healing. It starts with me providing a personal visit to your home, anywhere in the United States.  This visit is for us to personally connect, assess your current situation and needs, unify together the goals you are seeking, and ultimately turn your living space into a healing environment.


Total Healing Immersion

I create total immersion into healing environments at every touchpoint, which is needed for recovery from a serious debilitating situation. This process includes mind-set, inner dialogue, external language, physical environments, relationships, healing foods, and other healing supports. I customize the Program to your needs.

Features and Potential Benefits from the Program

With your input, I will develop the plan, implement it, and together re-evaluate and adjust it as we go.  The plan basis, which may expand, is as follows.

  • Assess and establish an optimal, deep healing type of sleep to leverage the natural physical rejuvenation throughout the night.

  • Implement daytime moments and environments of deep inner peace for restoration.

  • Train your support team, loved ones and friends in healing mind-set language and tools.

  • Create an environment where every touchpoint supports vitality.

  • Establish lifestyle, life aids and tools to boost a daily ritual, and set up everyday living to support the highest chance of restoration and thriving. 

What Clients Have to Say


“I learned early on that extraordinary challenges lead to extraordinary victories."
- Victoria Arlen

VIP Health Recovery Support Program

3 Months, partially on site at client’s home, partially remote.

Program Includes:

  • A personal visit to your home for one-on-one, constantly interactive in-person assistance, followed by remote guidance with fast response time and attention to your needs.

  • Establish the total immersion technique, which consists of creating a home supportive healing environment that surrounds you with a plethora of healing sensory experiences. This includes physical environments, such as specifically worded inspiring and peaceful visuals, auditory, mental and emotional support. The purpose of this task is to comfort the mind and inspire improvements in places where you normally spend time. 

  • Total immersion of the healing food planning and implementation process. The first step is to revamp the kitchen pantry. This includes organization, designing shopping lists, and confirming proper kitchen tools and gadgets are available. This task will make restorative foods easy to prepare and become a part of your daily life.

  • Personal one-on-one instructions for you, your caregivers, family, and frequent visitors on how to stock the kitchen, cook, store, and serve restorative healing foods. Selected healing foods are delicious and easy to prepare.

  • Train caregivers, family, and friends on healing language and practices.

  • Explore therapeutic herbs and other similar supports, all geared to your unique physiology.

  • Address trauma of the situation, in a manner that maneuvers into forgiveness and peace. This task enables the body to settle into a parasympathetic healing state, regardless of what caused the trauma. 

  • Provide phone check-ins three times per week to address any unexpected challenges. 

  • Provide customized, guided meditation audio recordings for healing that addresses both current and changing needs.

  • Provide Mind Body and spiritual guidance to explore the root cause and purpose of the condition, and instruction on how to receive divine assistance.

  • Implement coping strategies and tools for quick return to peace of mind in any moment.

  • Provide customized affirmations and prayers.

  • Provide customized self-healing tools.

  • Use Julie’s gift to facilitate divine interventions to open your spiritual belief system and allow supernatural assistance to speed up the healing process.  

Program Fee:  Custom pricing based upon your specific needs, travel requirements and accommodations.  Schedule a 15 minute consult below to start your application process. 

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Is this path right for You?

Your healing journey is as unique as your thumbprint. Schedule your free 15-min phone consultation to get your questions answered about your specific situation, concerns and needs. and discover if this path is a fit for you. 
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