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Customized "Healing Guided Meditation"

Customized to Your Specific Needs... Relax, Listen, Flourish!

    Service Description

    Healing can happen with ease while you lay back, relax, and listen. The challenge with generic recorded audios is they fail to address your specific issues, supportive environmental setting, or specific words with a special meaning to you.    My program is a completely customized, guided meditation that addresses your specific concerns and needs spoken in the spiritual language of your own belief system or religion. It includes mental imagery and settings of your choice designed to allow you to relax into blissful healing states. The recording is yours forever to play over and over at your convenience. Program Includes: * Intake session to capture all of your needs and goals * 20-minute Guided Healing Meditation audio recording set to music with healing tones * Provided to you by download within 5 days of intake

    Contact Details

    Apex, NC, USA

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