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Coming Back from a Debilitating Health Incident

When someone falls victim to a serious health incident, particularly when it has been debilitating, it's not difficult to plunge into a cycle of despair. You weather the initial trauma to your body, convalesce, and then make the rounds to a variety of doctors. You’re seeking to regain functioning, at least here and there. Some of the doctors are able to provide certain measures of relief; others, not really.

Time passes.

You slowly become resigned to your lack of mobility and the inability to do so much of what you used to do. Where can you turn? Is there a way out? Or, is this it? For the remaining time you have on this Earth, you're going to be only a shell of what you used to be and, at best, master only a fraction of what came so naturally and easily?

Every Case is Unique.

I have worked with many people who have gone the traditional route in attempting to resolve their health and medical issues, but who have come up firing blanks. Every person I see is different, with a unique physiology. The common denominator to those with the potential to make progress is that such individuals vehemently aspire to break free. From there, much is possible.

If you have any glimmer of a better future, if you sense there are possibilities currently unforeseen, and if you have a sufficient spark to keep trying, there is hope. I have devised a program for those coming back from medical malpractice. We focus on a person’s total being: one's mental, emotional, and spiritual state, as well as one's physical state.

Many of the individuals who come to me have already spent thousands of dollars on appointments and procedures with traditional doctors and on being treated by traditional medicine, only to experience limited results, at best. While I'm no magician, and no one can make guarantees, I have an approach to reclaiming major portions of your life and capabilities that has been heartening to many people.

Starting From the Beginning

My clients are often surprised that we take a wide-angle look at their situation, which starts even before the major, negative event or illness. My method is to first explore the root cause of the condition. When did it begin? What factors triggered it initially and what factors exasperated it over time?

We strive to understand what could lay in the foundation of the condition. We then use mind-body processes to discern the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the situation. We peel back “the layers of the onion” until we arrive at a place of inner peace.

Along the way, we consider the impact of relationships and environments with the aim of employing everyday encounters with people and places, as supporting resources, while being on the lookout for any sources of conflict.

With the nervous system now experiencing harmony, which can alter the parasympathetic responses (fight, flight, freeze), the entire endocrine system has a better chance at returning to normal on its own. This approach also enables other physical processes to work more effectively.

Going for the Gold.

Continuing on, we seek even greater improvement by establishing healing environments for one’s physical body, with nourishing foods, medicinal herbs, and many other supporting factors, all geared for one’s unique physiology.

In sum, we follow a no-harm approach that requires a bit of time to allow one’s body to respond. It is well worth the wait, however, to regain vitality without requiring intense life-long health management, dependency on pharma, or surgery, all the while minimizing or vanquishing side negative effects. Most of my clients gain unexpected positive side effects. That’s the icing on the cake.


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