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Pain and Injury Support - Remote

Athletic Pain and Injury Support Program

    Service Description

    This program is for Athletes, Sports Teams, and Leaders who need to recover and get back into the game whether it’s on the field or in the boardroom. When you can’t afford to be down, this is a rapid healing and restorative approach that encourages with no time to waste. The Athletic Pain and Injury Healing Program utilizes the power of quantum physics to aid your body in its healing process and facilitates you back to peak performance as quickly as possible. The principles drawn upon physical and energetic approaches and end with mind-set insights that caused the incident to happen and identify ways to avoid developing a repeating pattern of injury. To accelerate and sustain your recovery, equal attention will be given to nutritional/herbal supports and quantum energy processes. Includes: * 2 - 50-minute sessions by phone or in person at the Apex, NC office * Provide mind-body healing techniques that are know to reduce pain, shorten recovery time, and optimize restoration  * Engage the mental and emotional connection of stress, pain, and injury * Stimulate your natural healing process with nutrition and herbal education  * Empower your future through incident insight and learning to prevent repeated patterns * Attain your peak energy level through a holistic lifestyle to assist you in complete healing    * Draw on your spiritual belief system to speed up the healing process by encouraging divine interventions/supernatural assistance  Herbs, supplements, products not included.

    Contact Details

    Apex, NC, USA

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