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You aren't damaged...

sometimes you just need a little help.

Emotional Healing Support

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The Path Back to Wholeness

We all need a little help sometimes to get over something that is troubling us. My program offers help by providing guidance from a holistic perspective. This is not talk-therapy, psychoanalysis, or behavioral therapy. My approach is to address you as if there is nothing wrong that needs fixing. You are viewed as a spiritual being who needs help navigating your life experience. Together we explore deeper meanings to your issue without reliving traumatic or unpleasant past experiences.

Julie's Approach

Uncovering the Powerful Wisdom from Your Experiences.
Your life experiences and your emotions are valid and honored. They are informing you of something important and meaningful. I use processes that I have personally developed, which help you gain insights into the deeper meanings of what your feelings are telling you. With this higher wisdom comes clarity and a pathway to end confusion, ruminating thoughts, past traumas, self-destructive behaviors, and anxiety.  I teach you how to tap into your own intuition to assist you to move forward in life with more sureness. Learning these tools can provide life-long benefits including a greater sense of inner peace, confidence, fulfillment and vitality.

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Potential Benefits from the Sessions

  • Learn easy meditation.

  • Calm overwhelming thoughts.

  • Discover your life purpose.

  • Self-acceptance, Self-forgiveness.

  • Self-love, Self-care.

  • Create your day with guided imagery.

  • Resolve issues with loved ones and contacts.

  • Let go of fears and past traumas.

  • Increase faith in your belief system.

  • Improve relationships.

  • Improve sleep and rejuvenation.

  • Reduce physical and emotional pain.

What Clients Have to Say ...

Emotional Healing Support Program


  • Six 50-Minute session by phone or Apex, NC office

  • Exploration of the root cause and/or triggers of issue

  • Build healthy coping strategies and tools that help you quickly return to your place of inner peace and power at any moment

  • Disconnect from negative thoughts and destructive emotional patterns 

  • Resolve regrets, resentments, rejections, grudges and ruminating thoughts 

  • Let go of anger or grudges

  • Guidance through forgiveness of self and others

  • Understand your triggers to shift mind state in the moment

  • Create a plan to have more fulfillment in life 

Program Fee: $899

You Also Might be Interested In...

Customized "Healing Guided Meditation"

Healing can happen with ease while you lay back, relax, and listen. The challenge with generic recorded audios is they fail to address your specific issues, supportive environmental setting, or specific words with a special meaning to you. 
My program is a completely customized, guided meditation that addresses your specific concerns and needs spoken in the spiritual language of your own belief system or religion. It includes mental imagery and settings of your choice designed to allow you to relax into blissful healing states. The recording is yours forever to play over and over at your convenience.


Program Includes:

  • Intake session to capture all of your needs and goals

  • 20-minute Guided Healing Meditation audio recording set to music with healing tones

  • Provided to you by download within 5 days of intake 


Program Fee: $499

One-at-a-Time Sessions

Not Ready to Commit to a program, try an individual one-on-one session.

The first half of your first session is intake, the second half is Mind Body healing.  Go at your own pace. Get a boost. Relax and enjoy!



  • 1 50-minute Mind-Body Session

  • Focus on the topic that is most pressing to you

Session Fee: $190

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Is this path right for You?

Your healing journey is as unique as your thumbprint. Schedule your free
15-min phone consultation 
to get your questions answered about your specific situation, concerns and needs and discover if these processes are a fit for you.

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