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Chronic Condition Support

The complexity of Chronic Conditions


According to the American Psychological Association, stress affects ALL systems of the body including the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, nervous, and reproductive systems. We often think of stress as unrealistic deadlines, a horrible boss, or an overwhelming workload. But stress encompasses a wide range of thoughts, emotions, and situations including self-criticism, fear, shame, guilt, betrayal, anxiety, trauma, etc…  

Modern medicine has many excellent tools for diagnosing "WHAT" is going on within the body. Blood pressure, blood and urine lab tests, cardio stress tests can reveal the physical effects of stress, however, there are not many tools that reveal "WHY" you are experiencing stress nor WHY the stress is affecting your body in the unique way that it is. 

Finding the Root Cause


Without having a clear understanding of the “WHY”, or “the root cause”, medical protocols seem to be only addressing the physical symptoms. Excluding the “WHY” from the healing journey leaves out attending to the root cause of what created the symptoms in the first place. Medical protocols that don't address root cause can risk fostering lifelong disease management with a never ending struggle to mitigate symptoms and side effects side effects from treatments.  

Mystery Conditions


In more unusual or severe chronic conditions, a more complex network of situations or emotions might be layering on top of each other causing a challenge in obtaining an accurate diagnosis. If you have seen multiple specialists, with a myriad of tests results that point to multiple diagnosis’s or no clear diagnosis at all, it can feel like a mystery to understand what is truly going on, I call this a “Mystery Condition”.

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“Your body has natural healing capacities that nobody in the field of medicine can pretend ultimately to understand.”   ~ Wayne Dyer, Author

Julie's Approach

My approach starts with the mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of the condition. When the root cause, or major contributor to illness is some form of stress, then understanding it and knowing how to alleviate it can be significant to turning the condition around, regardless of the diagnosis. In my program, we accomplish this with a compassionate deep dive into the areas of your life that are at the root of the issue. Together, we embark on a non-judgmental personal exploration of what is robbing you of your vitality.  

Through Mind Body processes, we explore the purpose of your relationships, situations, traumas, triggers, and challenges in your life. I then guide you to attain resolution on any issues that we uncover. Additionally, we explore potential culprits in your environment, nutritional deficiencies, and even toxin overloads. 

This process addresses the uniqueness of your biochemistry, life path and influences on your well-being. As you tap into the insights of your emotions and life experiences, deeper states of peace become more natural and in turn help support your body to heal itself. 

The healing power of the divine. I utilize my gift to facilitate divine healing. This type of healing is a gift from our creator, I do the facilitating, creator does the restoration. No matter what word you use for God, I will work with your belief systems, religion and language. Most people get some level of relief and some get dramatic results. With this process we trust that whatever you receive is what is best for your highest good. 

Your healing path is as unique as your thumbprint. When you treat a condition as communication, slow down and listen, a clearing for something new opens up. Clients often report that working with me through their condition resulted in a life filled with newfound understanding, wisdom, vitality, and joy in areas that previously seemed impossible. I call this your Sacred Healing Journey. 


“Julie came to my aid the day I survived an aortic aneurism with a 99% death rate. The doctor said I survived due to divine intervention. Julie is a miracle worker.”   ~ Bob Estrada, client

Potential Benefits from the Sessions

  • Reduce stress.

  • Improve coping with difficult situations.

  • Release of undesired emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, regret, disappointment, shame. etc.

  • Improve stress responses.

  • Support nervous system.

  • Support endocrine function.

  • Support digestion and nutrient absorption.

  • Support to cardio-vascular function.

  • Reduce blood pressure. 

  • Improve recovery time from surgery or  injuries.

  • Reduce pain in muscles, joints, sciatica. 

  • Improve a variety of physical symptoms.

What Clients Have to Say ...

Chronic Conditions Healing Support Program


  • Sessions by phone or in person or in-person at the Apex, NC office

  • Mind map history of patterns and symptoms

  • Discover, and address the mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects of the ailment 

  • Address emotions of shame, guilt, blame, regret, anger, and fear, all of which can restrict healing

  • Mind Body techniques to revitalize and your parasympathetic healing processes

  • Utilize applied kinesiology to uncover the best supports for your healing journey 

  • Stimulate your natural healing process using nutritional and herbal options 

  • Implement processes to welcome divine assistance

Herbs, supplements, products not included.

90-day (three Month), 10 sessions

Program Fee: $1,495

45-day, (6 week) 5 sessions

Program Fee: $825

You Also Might be Interested In...

Customized "Healing Guided Meditation"

Healing can happen with ease while you lay back, relax, and listen. The challenge with generic recorded audios is they fail to address your specific issues, supportive environmental setting, or specific words with a special meaning to you. 
My program is a completely customized, guided meditation that addresses your specific concerns and needs spoken in the spiritual language of your own belief system or religion. It includes mental imagery and settings of your choice designed to allow you to relax into blissful healing states. The recording is yours forever to play over and over at your convenience.


Program Includes:

  • Intake session to capture all of your needs and goals

  • 20-minute Guided Healing Meditation audio recording set to music with healing tones

  • Provided to you by download within 5 days of intake 


Program Fee: $499

One-at-a-Time Sessions

Not Ready to Commit to a program, try an individual one-on-one session.

The first half of your first session is intake, the second half is Mind Body healing.  Go at your own pace. Get a boost. Relax and enjoy!



  • 1 50-minute Mind-Body Session

  • Focus on the topic that is most pressing to you

Session Fee: $190

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Is this path right for You?

Your healing journey is as unique as your thumbprint. Schedule your free 15-min phone consultation to get your questions answered about your specific situation, concerns and needs. and discover if this path is a fit for you. 

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